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Box Office Guidelines


1. Purchased tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.

2. Tickets are only valid for the event, date and time specified on the ticket.

3. Ticket holders are kindly requested to check their tickets at the time of purchase.

4. The sale or resale of tickets carried out by unauthorized persons is forbidden.

5. Tickets reserved and purchased online and through authorized sales agents carry the purchaser’s full name.

6. For lost tickets, ticket holders should present proof of purchase or fill out a self-certification form indicating the exact seats of the lost ticket and providing a photo I.D. to the box office staff. Only the original holder of the ticket is entitled to fill out the self-certification form.

7. Should a performance be cancelled, ticket holders will be refunded the cost of the ticket at the Box Office within thirty (30) days following the scheduled date of the cancelled performance, upon providing proof of their ticket purchase.

8. Should the ticket owner be unable to use the ticket, it can be donated to the Royal Opera House Muscat for provision to local schools or charitable organizations.

ROHM Policies

As a valued guest, we want to provide you with information to ensure that you have a wonderful visit and enjoy your performance.

  • 1. Auditorium doors open 60 minutes prior to performance and close 10 minutes prior to performance.

  • 2. Absolutely no late seating is permitted. No refunds or exchanges for latecomers.

  • 3. Dress code: formal or business including suits or dinner jackets for men and conservative dress for women (please note that local culture requires conservative dress; so please, no exposed shoulders or short dresses above the knees). Dishdasha and Massar required for Omanis. No jeans, cargo pants, t-shirts, or tennis shoes permitted. ROHM reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons who do not adhere to the dress code policy. No refunds or exchanges will be granted.

  • 4. For security screening, attendees are advised to arrive 1 hour prior to performance.
    5. Attendees must present a ticket for admission.

  • 6.Doors to the auditorium will only reopen during intermissions and at the end of the performance, except in the case of an emergency.

  • 7.No use of mobile phones in the auditorium. Please turn off all phones prior to entering the venue.

  • 8.No photography or video in the auditorium. ROHM reserves the right to confiscate devices used to take photos or make videos of the performances. This matter is dealt with seriously out of respect for the performers.

  • 9.No outside food or drinks are permitted inside the venue. Food and drink purchased inside the venue may not be brought into the auditorium at any time.

  • 10.Attendees are required to use the seat designated on their ticket.

  • 11.Patrons consent to the recording and filming of themselves as members of the audience.

  • 12.Programmes may change without prior notice.

  • 13.Out of courtesy to performers and other attendees, patrons are kindly requested not to leave the auditorium until the end of the performance.

  • 14.Children under the age of six cannot be admitted (with the exception of Children’s programmes where the minimum age for admission is four).

  • 15.Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas outside.

  • 16.No whistling or talking during the performance, please.

  • 17.Cancellations/refunds can only be claimed before ​​​​30 working days of the date of the event by returning tickets to the Box-Office of the Royal Opera House Muscat. The cancellation penalty clause is 20% of the ticket price.

PARKING: The car park is two levels and is accessible from Gate 3 (parallel to Sultan Qaboos Highway). ​​​​​​​