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Welcome to Season 2017-2018 School Performances
School Performances are free-ticketed events. Public Schools are coordinated by the Ministry of Education’s Muscat Directorate of Education, Department of Activities, whereas Private Schools can book a performance, by contacting the Education and Outreach Department.
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November 27th, 9:00 am (Arabic) and 11:00 am (English)

In this special program held in the Auditorium, the Royal Opera House Muscat technicians take the audience on a magical audio-visual journey behind thescenes as the illusions and mysteries of staging are revealed and productions are brought to life. The artistry involved in staging, lighting, sound, and image projection is explained and demonstrated. The audience witnesses the stunning transformation of the Concert Hall into an Opera Theatre, as the box towers on each side nearest the stage turn inward and the proscenium framing the stage narrows. Meanwhile, the front seating rows drop into garages hidden under the floor and the orchestra pit is revealed. Participants gain an understanding of the state-of-the-art technologies of the ROHM as a world-class opera house, and leave with a greater capacity to appreciate and enjoy future performances at the ROHM.



December 10th, 9:00 am (Arabic) and 11:00 am (English) | December 11th, 9:00 am (Arabic) and 11:00 am (English)

In a twelfth-century Persian tale that inspired a grand nineteenth-century opera by Giacomo Puccini, the beautiful, though bitter and vengeful, Princess Turandot encounters the power of Prince Calaf’s genuine love. Turandot will learn the true meaning of love as her ice-cold heart melts. The Imperial Princess Turandot becomes the Moth Princess in an entertaining interactive opera for children that will also inspire adults, as the Moth Princess emerges from her cocoon as a gorgeous butterfly. Set in a dreaming world of insects, The Moth Princess is designed for the interactive participation of school children aged seven to fourteen. The children create special props for their role in the performance when the conductor turns to cue the children who are sitting in the audience. Led by the conductor, the children sing some of the most famous arias from Turandot in Italian, English and Arabic. THE GREAT INSECT HUNT is an art competition for all the children involved in The Moth Princess. The three students with the best artwork of an Omani insect will be rewarded with two free tickets for any family concert in the season as well as a special gift. Submission deadline: 31-October-2017 Further information at




April 10th, 9:00 am (Arabic) and 11:00 am (English)

Believed to include the oldest musical instruments, apart from the human voice, percussion instruments also represent perhaps the largest and most varied family of musical instruments. They can be struck, scraped, or rubbed with hands or beaters. They play a crucial role in almost every music style, from military marching to jazz music, through classical orchestral compositions, to popular music, folk dances, and ceremonial music. The presentation will show Western and Arab percussion instruments expertly played by Tetraktis, a group of talented young artists. Through interesting anecdotes and evocative pieces of music, dynamic actors on stage will illustrate the distinctive sound of various percussion instruments and explain the role of each in music. This entertaining and educational presentation will enhance the participants’ enjoyment of future concerts at the Royal Opera House Muscat.