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  • Atelier Zuhra

    ​Atelier Zuhra has opened its doors at Opera Galleria  featuring exquisite Haute Couture evening dresses as well as beautifully designed Ready to Wear and Abaya collections    


    ​Eye Candy Boutique offers fulfilment for women’s passion in the latest fashions, home wear, and luxury handmade bags. An enticing selection of elegant shoes is also on offer, each from renowned international brands such as, Jimmy Choo, ...

  • Private Collection

    Private Collection is a unique brand that focuses on Arabic sandals for men. The brand is well known for infusing a modern twist into a more traditional style. With a reputation for meticulous craft...

  • Emporio Armani

    ​With a classic and urbane Armani line aimed at modern fashion lovers, Armani Collezioni offers timeless elegance to men and women of style. Known for its clean, tailored cuts, this fashion brand is very popular with numerous celebrities,...