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Saturday 9 November 2019

One of the most popular artists in the Arab world, Lebanese icon Najwa Karam is renowned for her vocal prowess, as beautifully expressed in her most famous songs, such as Shams el Ghinnieh, Ykhalili Albak and Hayda Haki. Najwa is not only a star on stage, but also the main judge on Arabs Got Talent. Najwa has won prestigious awards for her consistently outstanding performances on world tours.

On the same programme, Lebanese singer, pianist and composer, Marwan Khoury will appear with the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra playing his latest compositions. Khoury has written popular works for famous Arab stars such as Magida El Roumi, Nawal Al Zoughbi, Najwa Karam, and Elissa. He has arranged exciting new interpretations of songs by important Arab artists, such as Elissa's Bitmoun and Saber El Robae's Izz El Habayeb. Khoury's best known original compositions include Kul Al Qasayed, and Qasr Al Shawq.

After the success of the concert that was given last January for the inauguration of the House of Musical Arts, the Royal Opera House Muscat is pleased to collaborate again with the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO) in a concert featuring the work of renowned Arab composers. ROSO has performed on stage at ROHM many times, including in an exciting gala celebration of ROSO's thirtieth anniversary in 2015.

This very special Arab concert will be held on two nights - Thursday 14th and Friday 15th November at 7:00 pm.