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There is a special connection between animals and music that remains mysterious. Ancient Greek philosophers thought that animals, and birds in particular, invented music and human beings simply learned and imitated their musical sounds. Many composers were inspired by techniques in the vocal communication of animals and used these techniques to create their own music. Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is one of the best examples of ‘animal music’ ever composed. Certain instruments were used to imitate Peter’s duck, the bird, the cat and the wolf. You will explore the world of animal music, discover Arab songs about animals, learn how to imitate an animal call, invent their own tales and create animal puppets such as those in children’s TV programmes. Creative workshops and music activities specially tailored for children, teachers and for the entire family will be led by guest educators, storytellers, artists and puppeteers, in collaboration with APTF Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation.

TELL A TALE: Children are invited to write an original tale about animals. Children with the three best tales will be rewarded with two free tickets for any family concert of the season as well as a special gift. Age: Under 14 - Submission deadline: 15th January, 2018

PETER AND THE WOLF & OTHER ANIMAL TALES  by Sergej Prokofiev, a Family Concert, will be held on February 24th, 4:00 pm.

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