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Art & Design Competition


The Royal Opera: House of Musical Arts will be hosting in January 2019 a special exhibition: Opera: 400 years of Passion. Created in London by the Victoria and Albert Museum in September 2017, the exhibition retraces the story of operatic masterpieces in their cultural and historical context. In Muscat, the exhibition will show opera's journey from 17th century Venice to the creation of Puccini's Turandot which inaugurated the Royal Opera House Muscat in 2011.

Throughout the exhibition, you will encounter cities and stories from various places and times across Europe. You will also explore the process behind creating an opera, from composing to staging and singing.

The aim of the Art & Design Competition is to bring together performing arts and design, nurturing the cultural platform in Oman, by discovering new artists and designers and fostering their talents. Opera brings together multiple art forms in a total work of art, and this competition is your opportunity to try your hand at designing for Opera.

The best artworks will be displayed at ROHM for three weeks within the Opera: 400 Years of Passion exhibition (17th January-14th March 2019)

Opening of the Exhibition will be on 23rd of February during the Open House Map of The World.


14th February 2019


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In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, enterprising young people travelled on adventurous coach journeys across Europe to learn about art, architecture, literature, landscape and languages. This was considered an important part of their education.

Is it still the same today? What is the most exotic place you have been to? Send a photograph of a town, place, or landscape that has a very special place in your heart.


We will build a map of the world with the most interesting photos we receive and display them in an exhibition during The Map of the world Open House. The three students with the best photograph will be rewarded with two tickets for any concert during the current season, as well as a special gift.


Age: Under 16 yrs

Submission Deadline: 24th January 2019

KAN YA MA KAN…Storytelling competition

Sailing Stories ~ What is it like at sea?

In the old days life at sea was very difficult. Living on ships that sailed in the rough waters challenged sailors. These experiences included danger, hardship and joy.

Let’s write a story!

Write a sailing story inspired to Ahmed bin Majid, the so called “The Lion of The Sea”, is a famous Omani navigator exploring the Arabian seas all the way to India. Imagine how his adventures could have been, the people he met, the instruments he built to orientate with the stars. Imagine his skills in navigation, the songs sailors would sing on board, along with the poetry he wrote.

The competition is open to all public and private schools in Oman.

Students should send us their ORIGINAL stories, written with a word limit of no more than 500 words.


Your stories will be part of our new and special production!

We will select the most interesting stories and bring them to life,

part of an opera that will be performed on ROHM stage!​

Gifts and Awards!

Students with the best three original tales will be rewarded with two

 free tickets for any family concert of the seasons, as well as a special gift!


Age Range: 8-14 years

Submission Deadline:  15th Feb, 2019



Contact us at:


Phone: 24403402/3459 


The Competition is open to 6-12 year old students of all the public and private schools in Muscat. Students can present drawings, paintings (average size 30x30cm) or any other handcraft artwork, on the theme of the Musical Elements.

The most interesting artworks will be displayed in an exhibition during the Open House The Elements. The three students with the best artwork will be rewarded with two tickets for any concert during the current season, as well as a special gift.


Age: 6-12 yrs

Submission Deadline: 3rd November 2018