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Performed by Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre

Ethereal, athletic and balletic, Play is a mesmerising show exploring an extraordinary perspective on the game of sport. Conceptualised in dramatic dance vignettes, Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre captures the aggression, emotion and tension of elite competition while also acknowledging the beauty and heritage of athletic endeavours. The multi-dimensional potential in the title of the show offers an insight into the layered meaning of the word play: to start a match; a performance for an audience; and, a light-hearted experience between young friends. Play covers an historic range beginning with the Olympics of Ancient Greece, the formalising of this sporting epic in the 19th century and a truly contemporary visualisation.

​​FIRST PART: 40 minutes​

Intermission: 20 minutes

SECOND PART: 40 minutes​​

May 26 2022       7:30 PM  
May 27 2022       7:30 PM  
May 28 2022       4:00 PM  

| Please note that all performances will take place in adherence with Covid-19 guidelines. The safety and welfare of our audiences is a top priority.

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