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Saber Rebaï is a pan Arab singer, composer and violinist. Inspired by famous singers such as Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Abdel Halim Hafez, Rebaï’s songs are always distinctive and his repertoire richly diverse. With a voice of tremendous range, Saber Rebaï has been celebrated by great artists including Sayed Mekawy and Wardah. A critic aptly remarked, “His songs take us back to the golden age of the original art of Arab music and he is a star of Arab music”. Rebaï’s greatest hit, Sidi Mansour was based on a folk song from the ancient Tunisian city, Sfax, and his song Khallas Tarak was widely acclaimed in the Arab world.Coffee and Dates, Wednesday, 5th January 7:00pm. Ticket holders only.

​​90 minutes without intermission

January 06 2022       7:00 PM  
January 07 2022       7:00 PM  

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