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Now one of the greatest names in the Arab music scene, singer and composer, Majid El Mohandes came from a simple, hard-working Iraqi family. After graduating from university in engineering, Majid pursued his passion for music, learning how to play the oud. He supported the initial stages of his music career by working as a tailor. El Mohandes has the gift of connecting with both younger and older generations. His extraordinary appeal reaches Arab audiences across the region from Morocco in the West to Oman in the East. Accompanied by a full orchestra, El Mohandes will perform songs from hit albums such as Ouzkourini, Waheshni Moot, Sarharni Halaha, Tes’alni, Tenadik and Bedun Asmaa.

​1st part: 55 minutes
20 minutes interval
2nd part: 55 minutes

March 22 2018       7:30 PM  
March 23 2018       7:30 PM  
A++ 85 OMR
A+ 68 OMR
A 65 OMR
B 38 OMR
C 34 OMR
D 28 OMR
E 15 OMR
F 10 OMR

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